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3H-FIST is committed to establish and retain highly satisfied clientele by providing reliable service and quality solutions focusing on the details and expectations of our customer’s construction needs. As 3H-FIST grows with and adapts to the changing needs of both our clients and employees, the founding philosophies of consistent, quality solutions must not be compromised.

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we were determined to reintroduce honesty, hard work and honor into the commercial construction industry.

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By pre-qualifying and continually evaluating the work of each domain, we ensure exceptional quality of our work, products and services.


Our staff of experts can be reached 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and tend to work overnight to meet time lines.

3H-FIST takes the Challenge out of Construction!

At 3H-FIST we realize that infrastructure development/roads/sewerage/buildings and supervising your facility may not be in client’s job description. As a result, we’ve brought together the best resources in the industry to assist you throughout every phase of your project, allowing you to remain focused on your day-to-day priorities. Depending on your desired level of participation, 3H-FIST will provide you with a service agreement tailored to your individual needs, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed or unclear about the decisions you need to make.

As General Contractor; the professionals of 3H-FIST will build and manage your project. A member of our management team will consult with you and your consultant to establish a clear scope of work for your project. Our estimating team will ensure that every detail of your project is defined, while selecting the most qualified subcontractors to perform the work. 3H-FIST project managers, superintendents and job coordinators will ensure quality results, while closely monitoring your project budget and schedule.

As Construction Manager; 3H-FIST operates as the decision maker on your behalf. Whether it be value-engineering or controlling the bidding process, 3H-FIST will act in your best interest to ensure that your project is on the right track. With over 22 years of experience in the construction industry, our hierarchy provides matchless expertise when managing your project in this capacity.

The Construction Management delivery method allows 3H-FIST to provide greater value engineering input during the design phase resulting in a more realistic budget and schedule during the early stages of your project Construction Manager.

3H-FIST Construction Company is manned by professionals having considerable experience of construction management, planning, supervision and execution of all types of civil works/ elec works. Ever since its inception, it has been actively engaged in construction business.

Operating in a professional environment and organized on modern lines, the company is committed to providing high quality services employing current state of knowledge and contemporary practices.

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We have always believed:

Quality Policy:

“Quality is never on accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere efforts and determination and proficient execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. “

It has always been our motive to deliver highest quality construction within the parameters ordained by our employers. Keeping in view our mission and vision we are invariably going through the process of developing and implementing systems, which enable us to accomplish our objectives. The focus of our system revolves around adherence to specifications, supervising staff or supervising Consultants requirements. The emphasis of our system evolution process also circumambulates around good financial management of the company, which is extremely critical to achieving our client’s satisfaction.

While enrooting to become a good quality company we have worked on developing procedures that inter connect our material requisition work orders with project schedule, available/projected cash flows.

We have also worked on making supervision objective to our supervising staff, so as to reduce the element of subjectivity in supervision and make it objective to them. The objectivity in supervision is achieved by highlighting critical objects of the beginning of every project. The purpose of this exercise is to attain zero punch lists at the end of the project.

Our procedures also focus around increasing participation of our employees and staff in attaining quality. We keep making sure the adoptability of our procedures to varied environments of different clients. Before the start of every project we go through the exercise of aligning our systems with that our employer so as to achieve maximum client satisfaction. Avoiding working in orthodox manner we keep ourselves equipped with the most recent technologies and software. We also keep our staff aware of these changes and other prevailing changes in construction industry. All this is done to achieve better results in client satisfaction.